What a way for The Philippines to wake up on this morning with the Chinese National Anthem on the background. I've been going around local ph sites trying to find the real score -- how many sites, really, have been affected by the "allelged" Chinese Hacking. So far, only two government sites and six others have admitted they've been hacked. Could be worse, for all we know. I just received some feeds from (still trying to figure out at least the location of the source) that the hacking will continue on and it's just a matter of time before we find our web pages all in Chinese characters and of course, with the Chinese National Antehem on the backgroundn and that familiar red Chinese flag.

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The news media is quick to report attributing the hacking to China (some Chinese hackers they say). But sensibly enough, they are at least professionally ethical enough in prefixing their "hintuturo" with that SOP catch-all journ term "alleged". But get though the content and you'll readily sense, none of them really believes its indeed "ALLEGEDLY" Chinese hackers... "My dear, its DEFINITELY Chinese Hackers!" That's the point. It's like the Anti-Gloria crying-out they wanted to KNOW THE TRUTH when in fact what they mean there's nothing they will NOT listen to any other truths than what they wanted to believe THE truth (whether truth really, or otherwise).

...Heck! It's Chinese hackers and who else? So says the news.

And reports, "US and Phil deepens alliance as conflict with China and the latter intensifies" Allow me, mga kababayan; ISANG KUNSINTE LANG PO! Allow my paranoia. For all we know, it's the PENTAGON who made all those hacking. And why not? Para of course pagsabungin pa tayo lalo ng China. And US is done with Iraq, with Gaza, with xxxx and of course with Vietnam. Believe me guys, US just simply CANT live without WAR. It's a US state policy. And without any war they are directly involved right now, I just cant shrug the idea its THE PHILIPPINES NOW BREWING.

For war.

For a US sponsored war.

At of course sa Phil sila kampi. But it doesn't actually matter who they side. They just wanted a war. Just that.

I'm still not discounting the fact though that the Hacking really is from China. That too, is a possibility. But the US scenario, I believe is a lot more enviting to the senses... More intellectually stimulating as one would have to analyze matters beyond surface level.

I was picking up the sence of those Chinese character written page and have tried translating them with OPERA translate. Some lines are as follows:

菲律宾 ,你这是作死啊 "The Philippines... you are dead!"
学生 :多行不义必自毙!"Student, how unjust is doomed!" When actually I think the
translation would mean; Learn (instead of 'student') how unjust will be doomed.
黄岩岛是中国的 "Huangyan Island is China"黄岩岛是中国的

If one would be critical and would read between the lines, (of course, not only with the examples I have cited above), it easy to sense that the hacker has two dominating line of thoughts lurking in mind while doing the hack (by the way, can the word "hacking" take the form of an intransitive verb as in "hack"? or more precisely, "to- hack?" Not sure...)

On the one hand. the ultimate objective is to be in any way destructive. Simply said, and trip nya eh mamirwhisyo! Mambwisit ba... The second is the one rather troublesome. The hacker is not seriously mad. Nothing like it's ideology driven or something that is strongly advocated. Not the least the seemingly hilaw na sense of nationalism. I say it's troubling because the hacker is simply just like playing.

I remember some opinion regarding the Vietnam War why they say the Vietkong won over the Americans. They say, and I perfectly agree, the the former are strongly fighting for a cause. It's their home, their family, their sense of identity. In short, siryoso sila sa laban while the Americans are simply soldiers paid to a remuration fighting for a war they themselves do not understand why they have to. The Americans were reluctant combatants while the Vietnamese will not think twice giving what they can ultimately give -- their lives.

And going back to the hacker, he is (or might be as she, or a they...) like that American soldier not necessarily serious with what he's doing. The only difference this time is that the sense of reluctance and lack of eagerness takes the hacker on the advantage side not like the Americans in the Vietnam War. He can play as much as he want -- inflict harm -- without seriously feeling strongly about what he is doing. It's all a game... Or perhaps, all in day's work. He has nothing to loose. And as to gain... Meron o wala it's all the same. Basta ang alam nya, maperwhisyo nya tayo... hehehe!

And for Filipinos...:?

It's all about the Kalayaan Islands and the Panatag Shoal. Let us be reminded the the islands, particularly the latter is not even inhabitable. Tumbok lang kasi yun ng mga tulis-tulis na mga bato na kapag high tide ay walang pampang. They say its an oil rich region. Well... again, that remains to be seen.

But more than the economic benefits, (hindi na kasi materyal o pangekonomiyang kapakinabangan ang kinauuwian ng laban... totohanan na) it's our sense of being Filipinos -- our sovereignty -- that is being challenged and is on the line.

The dominating term is BULLYING...!

Ayaw na ayaw nating mga Pinoy ng ganyan. Kaya nga sa dayalekto (cultural linguistics) natin may mga termino tayong: "maangas" at "nakaka-lalaki".

It's not alone the islands -- the physical islands -- na pinag-uusapan natin ngayon dito. Ang ipinaglalaban na natin ngayon... ANG BAYAG NG PINOY.

As I was translating earlier the Chinese written page I was reminded of our National Anthem (habang idinuduyan ako ng Chinese Anthem)...

"...Lupang hinirang, duyan ka ng magiting
!...Aming ligaya na 'pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo."

But we all know its suicide. Dalawa lang ang BAYAG ng Pinoy. Ang sa mga Tsekwa higit pa sa 618 lampas Divisoria.

At sabi nga sa balita ngayong umaga, mabubulok na daw ang saging ni Pinoy.


Is it worth it? The choice now is whether to be REALISTIC or NATIONALISTIC. Makikipag-agawan ba tayo sa tumpok ng mga bato o sa langis na hindi naman alam kung totoo? Makikipagpitpitang bayag ba tayo?

Ang barko natin tatlo-singko laban sa barko nilang MADE-IN-CHINA. Sabihin mong matao sa Recto sa Carriedo... Byumahe ka lang ilang kilometro pagdating mo sa NLEX liban sa sasakyan swerte mo kung may makita ka pang tao. And intsik, pag tumalon daw sila ng sabay-sabay sa eksaktong punto ng oras, kaya daw nilang paugain ang buong mundo.

Kung sa atin may tenga ang lupa sa Insik, ang paru-paru pag kinampay ang pakpak nito, kayang maglunsad ng Tsunami sa Pasipiko.

No, my friends... Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we give up that easy. My only point is WE HAVE TO BE DECISIVE. Pitpitan ng bayag kung pitpitan ng bayag. Wala sa sumbrero ni Uncle Sam ang kaligtasan natin. Actually, its the other way around. Kung talagang makikipagmatigasan tayo, take it as our own personal fight.

Magalit ka, Pinoy...!

Lumuha ka PInoy..!

Dahil yang ngitngit mo, yan ang dudurog sa MADE-IN-CHINA.

Laban kung laban. Suko kung suko. Duwag na kung duwag pero kung para lang sa kapayapaan ng mga pamangken ko at ng mga kasabay nyang lalaki pa bilang mga Pilipino, praktikalidad lang siguro kung lunukin kong "pagkalalaki" ko.

Pero kung lalaki nga sila (ang susunod na henerasyong mga Pilipino) na walang bayag at hindi kilala ang kanilang pagkaPilipino, eh labanan na 'to.

Ang ipakikiusap ko lang na dapat sigurado natin, hindi lang isip kundi higit sa puso, malinaw ba sa atin kung ano ang ipakikipaglaban natin. Kung sakali...


The fight to fight for our claim for the territory or the fight to learn to compromise our sense of soveriengty.

Beggars cannot be choosers, they say. But are we..? Or then again, are we not?

Magandang Araw sa lahat.

Angmayakda 04:26, Mayo 13, 2012 (UTC)

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