I begin by raising the question is the Universe expanding or contracting? Science advocates the former. That in an expanding Universe, it is calculated that time shall pass when all matters disintegrate leaving the universe in a single entity that is darkness. But even if the Universe contracting, time shall also pass that all matters compress in a single compact mass until it dissolves leaving a universe that is likewise in single entity that is darkness.

ElementO. The O element. O being the 24th, the last, letter in the Greek alphabet. O being the Omega. Literally; “the great O”. It is the last, the end, or that ultimate entity or unit in a set or series. The completion, the conclusion… The end. (In the Greek numeric system, Omega has the value of 800.)

That while the earth round, journey northward and you’ll end up in the south. So will it be if you do eastward as you will in the West.

In Biology, when we say cell division, we actually mean the multiplication of cells. Thus, we can actually say cell multiplication when we actually mean it is the process of cell division.

Do Christians really believe Judas should be condemned? Would Christ fulfill his mission of dying in the cross without Judas betraying him?

And Jesus said (Rev. 1:8) I am the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end.

For it shall come to pass when the beginning the end and the end, the beginning.

In simple terms, let us understand the concept by appreciating the inlet copy of the song “Both Sides Now”. And simplest even, don’t we say (art, literary, theater, etc.) appreciation when what we actually do is criticism? (I remember by Film Appreciation Class has a course title Film Criticism 101).

The chorus of the song ends; I really don’t know clouds (love, life) at all; a realization and admission of getting lost with meanings and values. When what we mean equates with that of what don’t wish to mean and, vice-versa. That in the absence of concrete definite values of meanings, we begin to assign terms to just anything or just whatever it would seem fitting (in which case, to almost anything). As the song made clear the example, clouds could be likened to love, and life.

It’s a long narration of chronology of complicating events but the ultimate end shall be that it shall come to pass, when all values and meanings shall mean the same. And the Universe shall suddenly be surprised that the only meaning left – the only remaining element left – shall be the ElementO.

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