Rebelasyon. The last book of the new testament Bible. In these pages, the ultimate version of thebook shall be published. From the Bible to these pages, ths book shall accound the end -- the APOCALIPSE.

Rebelasyon because these pages will ultimately bring to the attention of men of knowledge and discoveries that will bring them their ultimate advance civilization. Knowledge that upon learning shall endow men the power to ceate.

And men shall never shy away from learning that power that used to god's alone. It is in these pages that men shall discover that power.

The last book, Rebelasyonn has one ultimate goal. That is to bring the world into its end. An ironic as would seem. Learning the power to create is the ultimate destruction of everything else known to men.

And this is what these pages is about. And you have a great role to make it happen. Just read the pages and learn the powers it reveals.

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