WHEREAS, on the basis of carefully studied and evaluated facts and verifiable information, it is ascertained that far from the productive and benefitial use of the World Wide Web and the Internet (as was most likely intended by its creation and introduction to the general masses), all academic studies and scientific data points out to the conclusion that it has, and shall continue to be, in direct contravention of the very fundamental purpose and objective for which it was created.


WHEREAS, such shall be be the case prevailing if and should it shall continue with its usual operations without and in the absence of a fundamental, all encompassing and transcendental constitution of laws by which virtue shall mandate sovereign dominion to a central governing body or entity sufficiently abled and empowered both by the wisdom and the teeth of the letters of the law to curb and ultimately to suppress the self-defeating forces mostly fuelled by selfish and therefore destructive motivations.

WHEREAS, the unimaginable potentials and posiibilities made accessibly available to anyone by the technology of the internet is openly offered to ever wanting public but without any security nor guarantee of, at the very least, regulative force with authority. That is to say that no amount of legitimate authority shall, at our immediate instance, be a welcome imposition not alone as to possible public refusal for some level of control that shall limit current state of public liberty and freedom in enjoying to the fullest all the promises of the cyber space technology but more threatening is the fact and reality that the extent of the greatness of the available powers in its potentialities is overwhelming.

WHEREAS, in ultimately defeating what is beyond argument an ascertained possibility of imminent harms, some good may have to be sacrificed. Said otherwise, where as to avoid the harm we may suffer, some good we enjoy will, or just may, have to be compromised.

WHEREAS, this Proclamation takes effect 28 hours after its due publication where due publication herein defined as the valid introduction of the complete and full copy of the text of this proclamation in verbatim to all concerned entities be them individuals or corporations where it shall be ascertained by herein accompanying appropriate campaign program of distribution and dessimination that such delivery or as above termed, introduction, properly perceived to such acceptable level of conscious awareness to such level as may legally be equated to the legal principle of due service of notice. Receiving entities are thereby given the above mentioned period of 28 hours to make all and necessary adjustments and modifications and exert purposive deliberate effort in assuring the satisfaction and achievement of a satisfactory adoption and application of all such changes as per requisite to legitimate association, coordinationation and alignment with the fundamental and ultimate objectives of this Proclamation.

Due and timely compliance shall be that initial expression of support and cooperation which translates into a perfected gesture of agreement in free volition as regard herewith implied mission and vision aimed by The Order of The New Society that is officially manifested and made material by this Proclamation.

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