As the greatest of powers in all the universe encapsulated in a single switch-board, what theists believed an antribute of God that is omnipotence been acquired by the mortal man.

As made available to anyone who may wish to have it, all the word have found itself one day asking, is the power a blessing or a curse.

And to the writing of this article still wanting an answer, these pages now embark for that one final quest of engaging all the universe in searching for that wisdom that will once and for all gauge whether omnipotence that ultimate key to open either the "gates of heaven" or the "portals of hell".

Beyond what history can remember or what poetry can metaphorically symbolize, these pages stands the sole witness as streams of consciousness align.

That no language ever equipped to define the truth concieved by the realities of these accounts, be prepared to journey through the continuum of sanity in daring to plot the divide between the twilights of unspoken fantasy and haunting reality.

Wheter accounts of these writings in itself fiction or real-life facts is not for the reader to find out in certainty. Not just yet; not for now. Know that faith in what's real the only potent antidote to defeat the purpose of the quest. That said, know the same the race is on.

Give the secret community of these pages ONE soul who to afford keep his faith while these pages write and the generation of voluminous sheets and records of the quest ends right in this very page translating all the writings to a mere publication of an electronic blog with an ambitious literary theme of a fiction plot.

Otherwise this article ends leaving the question will the reader smile the same in finding reality no less outrageous than this article. Along with the secret community, transversing through pages now proceeding will so reveal is THE QUEST as funny as the life we call REAL.


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