Ang May AkdaEdit

Tingnan ang May Akda


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Certificates of TitlesEdit

Are domain titles or titles to ownership of property as duly registered in   
the pages of DepositaryO which, in certification of authenticity of acquisition, 
is presented in a visual image which image representation of said title the 
qualified certificate of title.
In order however that an image that is a certificate of title be classified as an
acquired certificate of title, the term acquired must be affixed in
the very caption of the image before the phrase certificate of title.


The process of collectively incorporating various related
codes or pieces of information in formulating a single
unified script, language, or law that will be
more controlling and shall have purposively precise and
therefore more effective application.
Codify may also refer to Codification
Codification (law), the process of forming a legal code
(i.e. formalising the laws of a jurisdiction by setting
them out in a book of law, a codex).
Codification (linguistics), the process of standardising
and developing a norm for a language

Constructed Written WordEdit

The construction of letters into a sensible word or group of letters, codes, 
symbols that renders the construction a specific meaning.



the Cyber-space systems architecture that is the collection of the F. Oreas
structured papers and articles.

Domain TitleEdit

A name or title assigned to a particular meaning or value that officially 
represents such meaning or value the functions of intelligent consciousness.


Electronic DecreeEdit

A form of systems architecture–purposively architectured procedures–designed 
and intended to provide a comprehensive and critical cloud engineering  
infrastructure that will predominantly function as an organic governing policy 
providing for procedural regulations, security concerned restrictions and 
operating protocol rendered and generated in an eletronic base platform that 
encompasses the most generalized jurisdictional parameters.

See also Laws


Mga pisikal at materyal na bagay na kumakatawan sa higit nakatataas na 
kamalayan o yaring mga karunungan na nalilihim sa [[literal na  
reyalidad]]. Ito ang mga materyal at pisikal na sisidlang karunungan 
na nagsisilbing tagapagpahayag ng ugnayan ng iba pang mga [[antas ng 

See also Metacom.



A condition where the Word
materializes meaning becoming capable of things and 
functions which material things and objects are similarly capable. This is that  
precise state of the computer technology when computer became [[self 
aware]] and became able to understand and rationalize human language.


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Integridad ng WikaEdit

Antas ng kawastuhan at katuwiran ng mga alituntuning panbokabularyo at 
alituntuning pampangungusap ng isang wika batay sa orihinal nitong alituntunin 
na siyang kinikilala ng isang lahi o kultura na umiiral kasama nito sa [[tunay-

Intelligent ConsciousnessEdit

A kind of consciousness that possesses intelligence that is consciously aware of   
its existence or otherwise possesses self awareness.

International OrganizationsEdit

Are those associations or organizations which membership extend beyond regional 
jurisdictions. An example of which is the United Nations.


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Ang pagsasapahina ng mga sulatin at panulat ng May Akda.


Ang kahalagahan ng isang bagay na kadalasan ay nasusukat sa angkin nitong 
kalikasan. Sa literal na pakahulugan, ang katuturan ay ang dipinisyon at 
kahulugan ng isang kataga o salita.



Electronic system of rules and guidelines codified not necessarily by governments 
but by authors and keepers of computer systems in order to impose a state order 
and patterns of procedures. Much as DepositaryO The Cyber-space [[Systems 
Architecture]], the term law whenever referred to in any of its pages shall always 
mean electronic law or electronic decree.

Literal RealityEdit

Is the form of reality that is considered most ancient and the reality pertained 
in these pages as Reality of Status Quo. This is the form of reality where 
chronology of historical records is the basis and foundation of its existence and  

Logical ThoughtEdit

A construction of meaning that forms a sensible idea where it is able to 
rationalize an argumentation.


May AkdaEdit

Ang itinalaga at pinagtiwalaan ng karunungan sa pagsasalin ng mga [[higit
nakatataas]] na kamalayan, kaalaman, karunungan at kaisipan na siyang
nabaybay ng mga pahina ng DepositaryO.


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Pangkamalayan ng Tunay-na-BuhayEdit

Ang mga kaalaman at mga katotohanang kinikilala ng mga umiiral na kamalayan 
hinggil sa literal ng reyalidad o sa pisikal na kalawakan.


The authority of DepositaryO and all its pages and ElementOs to make a
difference in the realm of reality and to adopt the changes as equally
part of the contemporary literal reality.


Any physical or intangible entity that is owned by The Author of DepositaryO or 
jointly by the Secret Order of the New Society SONS that is duly 
registered as record entry herein and those others that directly, commonly, 
indepsensably related with those records.


Official PageEdit

A title or name that which meaning and other properties officially 
registered in the pages of DepositaryO and which values recognized and 
acknowledged by these pages in congruence with Mainstream Reality.


Real PropertyEdit

The immovable properties or otherwise the Generic Top-level Domain Names
which are the terms and vocabulary of the source code or language of
literal reality. These are the literal containers of the consciousness of
real-life timeline which encompasses the chronological events of [[historical 
reality]] of Mainstream 2000.

Realm of RealityEdit

A state of reality where there is a convergence of actual reality and the other 
forms of reality such as virtual and modified realities. See also Mainstream 

Registration ProceedingsEdit

The adoption of domain titles to the pages to DepositaryO as qualifying
them an official property, real or otherwise.


Ang katakdaan ng panahong umiiral sa isang lunan na siyang dinadaluyan ng pag-iral ng kauriang kamalayang naaangkop sa nasabing panahon at lunan.



The set of rules and policies carefully structured that provides processes and
procedures that distinctively qualifies requisites to access and participation 
It is by principle that DepositaryO adheres to the belief that the most 
sophisticated anti-virus software is an ELECTRONIC DECREE well 
structured and written.

Sanga-sangang Bersyon ng ReyalidadEdit

Ang kalikhaan ng ibang anyo ng mga wika kapwa sa pakahulugan ng mga 
bokabularyo at kataga at sa alituntuning pampangungusap sa pangunahing 
layunin na iangkop ang likhang anyo sa pansariling mga kadahilanan.

Sisidlang BaulEdit

Simbolikong katuringan sa mga pahina ng DepositaryO kung saan natitipon  
ang lahat ng sulating PangdepositaryO.

Sulatin at PanulatEdit

Ang kasalinan ng mga kaisipan, kamalayan at karunungan ng May Akda sa pisikal at 
materyal na reyalidad sa pamamagitan ng mga mga salita at kataga o ang malikhaing 
paggamit ng wika.


Torrens SystemEdit

a system of declaring title of ownership to a particularly defined property 
particularly of land title where land ownership is transferred through 
registration of title instead of the use deeds. Its main purpose is to 
simplify land transactions and to certify to the ownership of an absolute
title to realty.
Two main purposes achieved by Torrens system are 1) absolute
acquisition of title to ownership, and, 2) declaration of a [[definite
character]] of the property.
See also Torrens system


United NationsEdit

Ang Talaan ng mga Bansang kinikilala ng Reyalidad ng DepositaryO.


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The computer language or that construction of values and meanings as   
expression of the consciousness in a sensible, logical and constitutional 
process able to produce a material action or result in realm of reality or 
animate a concept or thought in the real world.
See also VerbO.


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