A mobile operating system (mobile OS) is the operating system that controls a smartphone, tablet, PDA, or other mobile device. Modern mobile operating systems combine the features of a personal computer operating system with touchscreen, cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS mobile navigation, camera, video camera, speech recognition, voice recorder, music player, Near field communication, personal digital assistant (PDA), and other features.


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Market shareEdit

In 2006, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Bada did not yet exist and just 64 million smartphones were sold.[3] Today, nearly 10 times as many smartphones are sold and the top mobile operating systems marketed as "smartphones" by market share are Android, Symbian, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, MeeGo, Windows Phone, and Bada.[4] Note that these statistics only include operating systems marketed as "smartphones" (for example, they don't include Nokia's S40 operating system, which has larger market share).

World-Wide Smartphone Sales
Quarter Android iOS Symbian RIM Microsoft Bada Other
2011 Q4[5] 50.9% 23.9% 11.7% 8.8% 1.9% 2.1% 0.8%
2011 Q3[4] 52.5% 15.0% 16.9% 11.0% 1.5% 2.2% 0.9%
2011 Q2[6] 43.4% 18.2% 22.1% 11.7% 1.6% 1.9% 1.0%
2011 Q1[7] 36.0% 16.8% 27.4% 12.9% 3.6% 1.7% 1.6%
2010 Q4[8] 31.1% 16.1% 32.9% 13.1% 3.4% 1.3% 2.2%
2010 Q3[4][9] 25.3% 16.6% 36.3% 15.4% 2.8% 1.1% 2.5%
2010 Q2[6][10] 17.2% 14.2% 41.2% 18.2% 5.0% 0.9% 3.3%
2010 Q1[7][11] 9.6% 15.3% 44.2% 19.7% 6.8% 4.4%
2009 Q4[8][12] 7.6% 16.2% 44.7% 19.7% 7.9% 4.0%
2009 Q3[9][13] 3.4% 17.0% 44.2% 20.5% 7.9% 7.0%
2009 Q2[10][14] 1.8% 13.0% 51.0% 19.0% 9.3% 5.9%
2009 Q1[11][15] 1.6% 10.5% 48.8% 20.6% 10.2% 8.2%
2008 Q4[12][16] 1.1% 10.6% 46.5% 19.3% 12.2% 9.1%
2008 Q3[13][17] 0.6% 13.1% 50.3% 16.1% 11.2% 9.8%
2008 Q2[14][18] 2.8% 57.5% 17.5% 12.1% 10.8%
2008 Q1[19] 4.6% 49.5% 11.6% 10.4% 11.6%
2007 Q4[20] 5.2% 62.3% 10.9% 11.9% 9.6%
2007 Q3[21] 3.4% 63.1% 9.7% 12.8% 11.5%
2007 Q2[22] 1.0% 65.6% 8.9% 11.5% 13.0%
2007 Q1[23] 61.2% 8.7% 13.4% 16.8%

Mobile data usage shows 54% of mobile data traffic to be from iOS, 17% from Android, 5% from Symbian, 3% from Blackberry, and 21% from other phones.[24] Android allows users to "change their User Agent" to identify themselves as iPhones for compatibility reasons, which could skew these numbers in favor of iOS.[25][26]

Common software platformsEdit

The most common mobile operating systems are:

Android from Google Inc.[27] (free and open source)[28]
Talaksan:Galaxy Nexus smartphone.jpg

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Android was developed by a small startup company that was purchased by Google Inc., and Google continues to update the software. Android is a Linux-derived OS backed by Google, along with major hardware and software developers (such as Intel, HTC, ARM, Samsung, Motorola and eBay, to name a few), that form the Open Handset Alliance.[29] Released on November 5th 2007, the OS received praise from a number of developers upon its introduction.[30] Android releases prior to 2.0 (1.0, 1.5, 1.6) were used exclusively on mobile phones. Most Android phones, and some Android tablets, now use a 2.x release. Android 3.0 was a tablet-oriented release and does not officially run on mobile phones. The current Android version is 4.0. Android releases are nicknamed after sweets or dessert items like Cupcake (1.5), Frozen Yogurt (2.2), Honeycomb (3.0), and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). Most major mobile service providers carry an Android device. Since the HTC Dream was introduced, there has been an explosion in the number of devices that carry Android OS. From Q2 of 2009 to the second quarter of 2010, Android's worldwide market share rose 850% from 1.8% to 17.2%. On 15 November 2011, Android reached 52.5% of the global smartphone market share.[31]
BlackBerry OS from RIM (closed source, proprietary)
This OS is focused on easy operation and was originally designed for business. Recently it has seen a surge in third-party applications and has been improved to offer full multimedia support. Currently Blackberry's App World has over 50,000 downloadable applications. RIM's future strategy will focus on the newly acquired QNX, having already launched the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running a version of QNX and expecting the first QNX smartphones in early 2012.[32]
iOS from Apple Inc.[27] (closed source, proprietary, on top of open source Darwin core OS)
The Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV all use an operating system called iOS, which is derived from Mac OS X. Native third party applications were not officially supported until the release of iOS 2.0 on July 11th 2008. Before this, "jailbreaking" allowed third party applications to be installed, and this method is still available. Currently all iOS devices are developed by Apple and manufactured by Foxconn or another of Apple's partners.
Symbian OS from Nokia and Accenture[27] (open public license)
Talaksan:Nokia N8 Smartphone.jpg
Symbian has the largest share in most markets worldwide, but lags behind other companies in the relatively small but highly visible North American market.[33] This matches the success of Nokia in all markets except Japan. In Japan Symbian is strong due to a relationship with NTT DoCoMo, with only one of the 44 Symbian handsets released in Japan coming from Nokia.[34] It has been used by many major handset manufacturers, including BenQ, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony Ericsson. Current Symbian-based devices are being made by Fujitsu, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony Ericsson. Prior to 2009 Symbian supported multiple user interfaces, i.e. UIQ from UIQ Technologies, S60 from Nokia, and MOAP from NTT DOCOMO. As part of the formation of the Symbian OS in 2009 these three UIs were merged into a single OS which is now fully open source. Recently, though shipments of Symbian devices have increased, the operating system's worldwide market share has declined from over 50% to just over 40% from 2009 to 2010. Nokia handed the development of Symbian to Accenture, which will continue to support the OS until 2016.[35]
webOS from HP (certain partsSuleras:Clarify open sourced)
webOS is a proprietary mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel, initially developed by Palm, which launched with the Palm Pre. After being acquired by HP, two phones (the Veer and the Pre 3) and a tablet (the TouchPad) running webOS were introduced in 2011. On August 18th, 2011, HP announced that webOS hardware is discontinued[36] but HP will continue to support and update webOS software and develop the webOS ecosystem.[37] HP plans to open-source webOS in the future.
Windows Phone from Microsoft (closed source, proprietary)
On February 15th, 2010, Microsoft unveiled its next-generation mobile OS, Windows Phone. The new mobile OS includes a completely new over-hauled UI inspired by Microsoft's "Metro Design Language". It includes full integration of Microsoft services such as Windows Live, Zune, Xbox Live and Bing, but also integrates with many other non-Microsoft services such as Facebook and Google accounts. The new software platform has received some positive reception from the technology press.[38][39][40]

Other software platformsEdit

GridOS from Fusion Garage[41]
GridOS was built using open source code from the Android kernel.[42] It is used as the operating system of the Grid 4 mobile phone and Grid 10 tablet, which are due to start shipping September 15th 2011.
bada from Samsung Electronics (closed source, proprietary)
This is a mobile operating system being developed by Samsung Electronics. Samsung claims that bada will rapidly replace its proprietary feature phone platform, converting feature phones to smartphones.The name 'bada' is derived from 바다, the Korean word for ocean or sea. The first device to run bada is called 'Wave' and was unveiled to the public at Mobile World Congress 2010. The Wave is a fully touchscreen phone running the new mobile operating system. With the phone, Samsung also released an app store, called Samsung Apps, to the public. It has close to 3000[43] mobile applications.
Samsung has said that they don't see Bada as a smartphone operating system, but as an OS with a kernel configurable architecture, which allows the use of either a proprietary real-time operating system, or the Linux kernel. Though Samsung plans to install bada on many phones, the company still has a large lineup of Android phones.
Mer project (community-driven)
Mer is an open, mobile-optimised, core distribution aimed at device manufacturers; powered by Qt/QML and HTML5 - openly developed, inclusive, and meritocratically governed.
BlackBerry Tablet OS from QNX Software System/RIM[27] (closed source, proprietary)
BlackBerry Tablet OS is based on QNX. QNX is a commercial Unix-like real-time operating system, aimed primarily at the embedded systems market. The product was originally developed by Canadian company, QNX Software Systems, which was later acquired by BlackBerry-producer Research In Motion. This OS is primary for BlackBerry Playbook (tablet).
BlackBerry 10 from RIM
BlackBerry 10 (previously BlackBerry BBX) the next generation platform for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. In other words, there will be only one OS for both Blackberry smartphones and tablets going forward.[44]
SHR (community-driven)
SHR is a GNU/Linux based operating system for smartphones and similar mobile devices. It integrates various Free and Open Source Software projects into a versatile platform - flexible enough to run on a vast selection of mobile hardware such as the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, Nokia N900, Palm Pre and variants, T-Mobile G1, HTC HD2, iPhone 3Gs and more. The SHR build system is based on OpenEmbedded - well known from the Yocto project. For telephony, networking, etc. framework is used. On top of that an easy to use graphical interface centered around Enlightenment libraries is used to provide phone calls, messaging and pim. A growing amount of available applications offers SHR users with everything expected on a smartphone. But also numerous classical programs well known from other Linux distros can be made available easily.
SHR is 100% community driven and based on Free and Open Source Software. This empowers everybody to realize their innovations or add support for new hardware - without needing to ask some CEO or strategy manager first.[45]
MeeGo from non-profit organization The Linux Foundation (open source, GPL)
At the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia and Intel both unveiled 'MeeGo' a brand new mobile operating system which would combine the best of Moblin and the best of Maemo to create a truly open-sourced experience for users across all devices. As of 2011, Nokia has announced that it will no longer be pursuing MeeGo and will instead adopt Windows Phone 7 as its primary mobile OS. Nokia announced the Nokia N9 on June 21, 2011 at the Nokia Connection event[46] in Singapore. The phone is presumed to become available to the public in September 2011. LG announced its support for the platform.[47]
Linux based operating system (open source, GPL)[27]
Linux is strongest in China where it is used by Motorola, and in Japan, used by DoCoMo.[48] Rather than being an OS in its own right, Linux is used as a basis for a number of different operating systems developed by several vendors, including Android, GridOS, Boot to Gecko, LiMo, Maemo, MeeGo, Openmoko and Qt Extended, which are mostly incompatible.[49][50] PalmSource (now Access) is moving towards an interface running on Linux.[51] Another software platform based on Linux is being developed by Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung, and Vodafone.[52]
Brew from Qualcomm
Brew is used by a some mobile phone manufacturers and mobile networks, however most often the end-user does not know this since mobile phones running Brew most often lack any Brew branding. Brew runs in the background with the custom "skins" of the mobile phone manufacturer or operator on-top. Brew is used by Sprint Nextel, metroPCS, U.S. Cellular and Verizon in the US and by the Three network in much of Europe, the UK and Australia on many mobile phones produced especially for their network. Manufacturers such as LG CDMA, Huawei, INQ Mobile, Amoi, and Samsung Mobile amongst others use Brew in some of their mobile phones and it is featured in Three UK phones such as the 3 Skypephone, INQ1 and Huawei u7510 (3 Touch). Two of HTC's mobile phones use Brew's successor Brew MP.
LiMo 4 from LiMo Foundation
LiMo Foundation launched LiMo 4 on 14 february 2011, the latest release of the LiMo Platform. LiMo 4 delivers complete middleware and base application functionality, including a flexible user interface, extended widget libraries, 3D window effects, advanced multimedia, social networking and location based service frameworks, sensor frameworks, multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities. In addition, support for scalable screen resolution and consistent APIs means that the platform can deliver a consistent user experience across a broad range of device types and form factors[53]

Historical software platformsEdit

Maemo from Nokia (open source, GPL)
Maemo is a software platform developed by Nokia for smartphones and Internet tablets. It is based on the Debian operating system.
Maemo is mostly based on open source code, and has been developed by Maemo Devices within Nokia in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel, Debian and GNOME.
Maemo is based on Debian GNU/Linux and draws much of its GUI, frameworks and libraries from the GNOME project. It uses the Matchbox window manager and the GTK-based Hildon as its GUI and application framework.
Windows Mobile from Microsoft[27][54] (closed source, proprietary)
The Windows CE operating system and Windows Mobile middleware are widely spread in Asia. The two improved variants of this operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional (for touch screen devices) and Windows Mobile 6 Standard, were unveiled in February 2007. It has been criticized for having a user interface which is not optimized for touch input by fingers; instead, it is more usable with a stylus. However, unlike iPhone OS, it does support both touch screen and physical keyboard configurations.
Windows Mobile's market share has sharply declined in recent years to just 5% in Q2 of 2010.[55] Microsoft is phasing out the Windows Mobile OS to specialized markets and is instead focusing on its new operating system and software platform, Windows Phone.
Palm OS/Garnet OS from Access Co. (closed source, proprietary)
webOS was introduced by Palm in January 2009 as the successor to Palm OS with Web 2.0 technologies, open architecture, and multitasking capabilities.
DangerOS from Danger, Inc. (closed source, proprietary)
DangerOS was a largely Java-based operating system for the Danger Hiptop line of smartphones produced by Danger Incorporated from 2002 to 2010, also sold as the T-Mobile Sidekick. In 2008, Danger, Inc. was acquired by Microsoft.[56] Former Danger, Inc. employees were tasked to work on the Microsoft Kin line of phones, and in 2010 DangerOS was discontinued as a smartphone platform after the Kin phones were released. In 2011 T-Mobile introduced a new smartphone using the Sidekick branding based on Google's Android platform, with no relation to the previous Danger Hiptop phones.[57]
Nucleus from Mentor Graphics (closed source)
Nucleus OS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) and toolset created by the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics for various central processing unit (CPU) platforms. The Nucleus RTOS is designed for embedded systems applications including consumer electronics, set-top boxes, cellular phones, and other portable and handheld devices. For limited memory systems Nucleus RTOS can be scaled down to a memory footprint as small as 13 KB for both code and data. Manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, Siemens/Benq, Sagem, Pantech, and NEC use Nucleus in some of their mobile phones. The last devices released that used Nucleus OS are LG Encore (GT550), LG Prime (GS390), and Pantech Pursuit (P9020).

Future software platformsEdit

Boot to Gecko[58] from non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation (open source, GPL)
According to Ars Technica, "Mozilla says that B2G is motivated by a desire to demonstrate that the standards-based open Web has the potential to be a competitive alternative to the existing single-vendor application development stacks offered by the dominant mobile operating systems."[59]
Aliyun OS from Alibaba/AliCloud (cloud based)
AliCloud's operating system revolves around the idea of bringing cloud functionality to the mobile platform. According to the company, Aliyun will feature cloud-based e-mail, Web search, weather updates, and GPS navigation tools. In addition, the operating system will synchronize and store call data, text messages, and photos in the cloud for access across other devices, including PCs. Alibaba says it will offer customers 100GB of storage at launch. the operating system would allow users to access applications from the Web, rather than download apps to their devices.[60]
Tizen from non-profit organization The Linux Foundation (open source, GPL)
Tizen is an open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation, with Intel and Samsung leading its development steering group, and support from the LiMo Foundation. According to Intel, Tizen “combines the best of LiMo and MeeGo." HTML5 apps will be emphasized for the new OS, with the MeeGo project encouraging its members to transition to Tizen, stating that the "future belongs to HTML5-based applications, outside of a relatively small percentage of apps, and we are firmly convinced that our investment needs to shift toward HTML5." Tizen will be targeted at a variety of platforms such as handsets, tablets, smart TVs and in-vehicle entertainment. The initial release of Tizen is targeted for Q1 2012, with the first devices using the OS planned to reach the market in mid 2012.[61][62]
Meltemi from Nokia (open source, GPL)
Meltemi is an open source project hosted by Nokia
Windows 8 from Microsoft (closed source, proprietary)
Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will support tablet devices as well as PCs.

Mobile OS comparisonEdit

Only the latest versions are shown in this table, even though old versions may still be marketed.

width="100" Suleras:Yes width="100" Suleras:Yes2 Tablet-only width="100" Suleras:Beta width="100" Suleras:Okay width="100" Suleras:No2 3rd party width="100" Suleras:No
Feature iOS Android webOS Windows Mobile Windows Phone BlackBerry OS Symbian Maemo MeeGo bada
Company AppleOpen Handset Alliance/GooglePalm, Inc (HP)MicrosoftMicrosoftRIMSymbian FoundationNokiaLinux FoundationSamsung
Current Version (Phones)
3.0.5 (Tablet)
OS Family DarwinLinuxLinuxWindows CE 5.2Windows CE 7Mobile OSMobile OSLinuxLinuxProprietary RTOS or Linux
Supported CPU Architecture ARMARM, MIPS, Power Architecture, x86ARMARMARMARMARMARMARM, x86ARM
Programmed in C, C++, Objective-CC, C++, JavaCMany, C++, .NET, LazarusMany, .NET (Silverlight/XNA) JavaC++C/C++C++C++
License Proprietary EULA except for open source componentsFree and open source[28]Free and open source except closed source modulesProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryEclipse Public LicenseFree and open source except closed source components[63]Free and open sourceProprietary
Public issues list Suleras:No2 No, But there is an unofficial tracker[64]Suleras:Yes[65]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:No2 No, but there is a unofficial collection[66]Suleras:NoSuleras:No[67]Suleras:Yes[68]Suleras:Yes[69]Suleras:No
Package manager iTunesAPKApp Catalog (Official)
Preware (3rd party homebrew)
Windows Mobile Device Center/ActiveSyncZune SoftwareBlackBerry Desktop ManagerNokia Suitedpkg+apt-getrpm+yum+zypperSamsung Kies
Fine grained storage usage Suleras:Yes[70]Suleras:Yes[71]??Suleras:No?????
Wireless system updates Suleras:Yes[72]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:Yes[73]Suleras:Yes[74]Suleras:Yes[75]Suleras:YesSuleras:No
Multi-user Suleras:No[76]Suleras:No[77]Suleras:No[78]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:No[79]Suleras:No
Guest Mode Suleras:NoSuleras:No2No,[80] but possible with 3rd party ROM MIUI[81]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:No
Per application runtime modifiable permissions Suleras:Okay[82] Notifications in 5+[83][84]Suleras:No2 No,[85] only Background Data Usage on 4+,[86] more with 3rd party firmwares[87]Suleras:No[88]?Suleras:No[89]Suleras:Yes[90]????
Parental controls Suleras:Yes[91]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[92]????????
Remote device location tracking Suleras:Yes[93]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[94]??Suleras:Yes[95]Suleras:Yes????
Remote device locking and/or data wipe Suleras:Yes[93]Suleras:Okay[96]Suleras:Yes[97]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[95]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Non English languages support Suleras:Yes[98][99][100]Suleras:Okay[101]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Okay
Underlining spell checker Suleras:Yes[102]Suleras:Yes[103]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes[104]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:No
Built-in system-wide dictionary Suleras:Yes[105]Suleras:No2 No, available on selected devices[106]???Suleras:Yes????
Autoexpanding text replacements Suleras:Yes[107]?Suleras:Yes[108]??Suleras:Yes????
Emoji support Suleras:Yes[109]Suleras:No2No[110], but 3rd party apps available[111]??Suleras:Yes[112]?????
Accessibility features Suleras:Yes[113][114][115]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes????
Search multiple internal applications at once Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No[116]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes
Core applications missing search Bookmarks[117]Calendar[118] (available since 3+ and HTC Sense)??Text Messages[119] nor Calendar,[120] nor Music nor Video[121]
Search all fields of internal objects Suleras:Okay[122]Suleras:Okay[123]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Okay[124]Suleras:Okay[125] Search on notes body and contacts notes field was removed on OS6[126]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Okay
Proxy server Suleras:YesSuleras:Okay[127] but only global, not per connection[128]Suleras:No[129]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes
On-device encryption Suleras:Yes[130] (3rd party software may attempt brute-force attacks on password[131])Suleras:Yes[132]Suleras:NoSuleras:Yes[133]Suleras:No[134]Suleras:Yes[135] (3rd party software may attempt brute force attacks on password[131])Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:No
External storage encryption External storage not supportedSuleras:No[136]External storage not supported?External storage not supportedSuleras:Yes[137]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:No
Cloud encrypted storage Suleras:No[138]Suleras:No[139]??Suleras:No[140]?????
Privacy of synchronization[141] Suleras:YesSuleras:No2?Suleras:YesSuleras:No, Contacts, Calendar and Mail can be kept private when using your own Exchange server instead of synchronizing with public cloud servers (that keeps data unencrypted)[142] but Photos and Office docs are uploaded to SkyDrive that cannot be disabled[143]Suleras:No2[144]Suleras:Yes???
Sync to Cloud communication encryption Suleras:Yes[145]Suleras:Yes[146]??Suleras:Yes[147]Suleras:Yes[148]?Suleras:No2 3rd party software??
Desktop Sync Suleras:YesSuleras:No2 No,[149] but available on HTC Sense[150]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[151]Suleras:YesSuleras:No[152][153]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[154]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes
Local Full backup Suleras:Yes[155]Suleras:No2 No,[156] but possible with rooted devices and 3rd party software[157]Suleras:Okay[158]Suleras:YesSuleras:No[159]Suleras:Yes[160] and memory card (7+)[161]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:No[162]
Core Data missing Sync Bookmarks[163] (before 4), SMSs and Settings[156] Favorites,[164] Text Messages[165] and Settings[166]
cut, copy, and paste Suleras:Yes[167]Suleras:Yes[168]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[169][170]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes[171]
undo Suleras:Yes[172]Suleras:No[173]Suleras:OkaySuleras:YesSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:Yes?Suleras:No
Visual voicemail Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[174]??Suleras:Yes[175]Suleras:Yes????
Call log duration Suleras:Yes[176]Suleras:Yes[177]??Suleras:No[178]Suleras:Yes[179]Suleras:Yes???
Multiple Mobile Phones per Contact Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes??Suleras:No[180]?????
Contact Groups Suleras:No2 3rd party software[181]Suleras:Yes[182] or 3rd party software[183]??Suleras:Yes[184]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Phone number linking to dialer Suleras:YesSuleras:Okay[185]Suleras:YesSuleras:OkaySuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Okay
Addresses link to maps Suleras:Yes[186]Suleras:Okay[187] nor in Gmail[188]??Suleras:Yes[189]?Suleras:Okay???
Dates link to calendar Suleras:Yes[190]Suleras:No????????
iCalendar import Suleras:Yes[191]Suleras:No2 No,[192] but 3rd party app available[193]?Suleras:No2 3rd party apps available[194]Suleras:No[195]Suleras:Yes[196]????
Default Web Browser/Engine WebkitWebkitWebkitTridentTridentWebkitWebkitGeckoWebkitWebkit
Browser direct Internet connection (increased resilience to outages) Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No, routes through BlackBerry Internet Service. Direct browsing supported over WiFiSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes
Browser keeps windows open on shutdown or crash Suleras:YesSuleras:No[197]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes?Suleras:No
Browser Search Engine options Bing, Google, Yahoo! SearchMany[198]Many[199]?Bing, Google[200]Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia,, User DefinedGoogle???
Browser Find on Page Suleras:Yes[201]Suleras:Yes[202]??Suleras:No[203]Suleras:Yes[204]Suleras:Yes???
Browser/Email Save Images Suleras:Yes[205]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes[206]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Browser/Email Save PDFs Suleras:Yes[207]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes[208]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Browser Save Audio/Video Suleras:NoSuleras:OkaySuleras:Yes?Suleras:NoSuleras:Okay????
Browser Save Page Suleras:NoSuleras:Yes[209]Suleras:No?Suleras:NoSuleras:Yes[210]Suleras:Yes???
Browser Save Any File Suleras:No2No, 3rd party software[211]Suleras:No2No[212], 3rd party software[213]??Suleras:No2No, 3rd party software[214]?????
Browser Text Reflow Suleras:Okay;[215][216] 3rd party browsers on prior versions[217]Suleras:Yes[218]Suleras:No[219]?Suleras:No[218]Suleras:Yes[220]Suleras:No??Suleras:No
Browser Reader Mode Suleras:Okay[215][216]????Suleras:Beta PlayBook OS 2.0[221]????
Browser file upload Suleras:No2 3rd party software[222]Suleras:Okay[223] but crashes on big files[224]??Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes
Browser form navigation Suleras:Yes[225]Suleras:Yes[226]??Suleras:No[227]?????
Browser Private Browsing mode Suleras:Yes[228]Suleras:Yes[229] or with rooted devices and 3rd party firmware[230]??Suleras:No2 3rd party software[231]?????
Offline web apps Suleras:Yes[232][233][234]Suleras:Yes[235]????????
Official Application Store App StoreGoogle PlayApp CatalogWindows Marketplace for MobileWindows Phone MarketplaceApp WorldSymbian Horizon, Nokia, Nokia store?Samsung Apps
Non-discriminatory Stores Apple discriminates based on country[236] and own Apple policies[237]?Discriminates by country.[238] Can be circumvented via homebrew[239]?Discriminates by country[240]Suleras:No2 3rd party software????
Unified Inbox Suleras:YesSuleras:No[241]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[242]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes
Email Sync protocols supported POP3, IMAP, MAPIPOP3, IMAP, MAPIPOP3, IMAP, MAPIPOP3, IMAP, MAPIPOP3, IMAP, MAPIBES, BIS, Push e-mailPOP3, IMAP, ExchangePOP3, IMAP, ExchangePOP3, IMAPPOP3, IMAP
Non-intrusive Notifications Suleras:Yes[243]Suleras:Yes[244]Suleras:Yes[245]?Suleras:Okay,[246] except Calendar Reminders[247]Suleras:Yes[248]Suleras:Yes[249]Suleras:Yes[250]Suleras:Yes[251]?
Notification Center Suleras:Yes[243]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[252]?Suleras:No[253]Suleras:Yes[254]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[255]
Push Notifications Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[256]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes[257]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes Suleras:Yes[258]
End-to-end Encrypted Push Notifications Suleras:No[259]Suleras:Yes[256]??Suleras:Yes[260]?????
Screen orientation lock Suleras:Yes[207]Suleras:Yes[261]??Suleras:No[262]Suleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:Yes???
Custom Home and Lock Screen wallpaper Suleras:Yes[207]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Separate volume for Ringtone and Media Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes??Suleras:No[263]?????
Custom Ringtones Suleras:Yes[264]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[265]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No2 3rd party software[266]?Suleras:Yes
Custom SMS/MMS tones Suleras:Yes[267]Suleras:Okay[268]Suleras:Okay[269]?Suleras:No[270]Suleras:Yes[271]Suleras:Yes???
Custom Vibrate Alert patterns Suleras:Yes[272][273]Suleras:No[268]???Suleras:Yes[271]????
Non-carrier-based integrated messaging Suleras:Yes (iMessage)[274]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Citation needed?Suleras:Yes[275]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Offline Voice Commands Suleras:Yes[276]Suleras:No[277]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Okay, Playback control not available[278]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes Suleras:Yes
Voice Recognition Suleras:Yes (Siri on iPhone 4S)[279]Suleras:Yes[280]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[281][282]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes Suleras:Yes
Non-English Voice Recognition Suleras:Yes[100]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:Yes[112]?????
Sound Recorder Suleras:OkaySuleras:Okay[283] and not voice controlled)Suleras:No2 3rd party software?Suleras:No2 3rd party software; Very limited (Works under locked screen but doesn't work in background and not voice controlled)Suleras:OkaySuleras:YesSuleras:No2 3rd party software[284]??
Call Recorder Suleras:NoSuleras:No2 Prevented by OS restrictions,[285] but possible with 3rd party firmware[286]Suleras:NoSuleras:Yes[287]Suleras:NoSuleras:No[288]Suleras:YesSuleras:No2 3rd party software[284]??
Camera tap-to-focus Suleras:Yes[207]Suleras:Yes[289]??Suleras:Yes[290]???Suleras:Yes[291]?
On device picture info (including Exif data) Suleras:Okay[292]Suleras:Okay[293]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:No?Suleras:Okay???
On device picture categorization Suleras:Yes[294]Suleras:No[295]Suleras:Yes2 3.0+?Suleras:No[296]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[297]???
On device picture description and search Suleras:NoSuleras:No[298]??Suleras:No?Suleras:No, Allows setting a description, but search will not use it???
Turn off shutter sound Suleras:Yes[299]Suleras:Yes[300]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes[301]?Suleras:Yes???
Picture crop Suleras:Yes[302]Suleras:YesSuleras:No2 3rd party software?Suleras:No2 3rd party software[303]?Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes
Photo rotation Suleras:Yes[302]Suleras:Yes??Suleras:No2 3rd party software[304]?Suleras:Yes???
Photo red-eye reduction Suleras:Yes[302]Suleras:Yes[305]??Suleras:No2 3rd party software[306]?Suleras:Yes[307]???
HDR photos option Suleras:Yes[308]Suleras:No2 No,[309] 3rd party software available[310]????????
Photo/video import from memory cards Suleras:Yes[311]Suleras:No???Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes???
Video trim Suleras:YesSuleras:No2No,[312] but 3rd party software available.[313]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:No?Suleras:Yes[314]??Suleras:Yes
Sound trim Suleras:YesSuleras:No2No,[315] but 3rd party software available[316]Suleras:No?Suleras:No?????
Tethering Bluetooth, USB (carrier dependent), Personal Hotspot (Wi-Fi Tethering) (carrier dependent, iPhone 4 & 4S since iOS 4.2.5/4.3, or with 3rd party software and "jailbreak")Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB, BluetoothMobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (officially AT&T and Verizon Wireless only). USB, Bluetooth, and Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot via homebrew[317]USB, Bluetooth, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (with 3rd party software)Internet Sharing (Wi-Fi Hotspot)[318]USB, Bluetooth, Mobile Wi-Fi HotspotUSB, Bluetooth, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (with 3rd party software)microUSB, Bluetooth, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot microUSB, Bluetooth 3.0, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
USB On-The-Go Suleras:No[319]Suleras:Yes[320][321]Suleras:No?Suleras:No?Suleras:Yes[322]???
Interchangeable external memory cards Suleras:OkaySuleras:YesSuleras:NoSuleras:YesSuleras:No[323]Suleras:Yes[324]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes
Text/Document Support Microsoft Office,[325][326][327] iWork, PDF, Images, TXT/RTF, VCF Microsoft Office 2003/2007, PDF, Images, TXT/RTF Microsoft Office, PDF, TXT/RTF Microsoft Office Mobile, PDF, TXT/RTF Microsoft Office Mobile, PDF, TXT/RTF Microsoft Office, PDF, OpenDocument Microsoft Office Mobile, PDF, djvu text files, PDF, HTML, Multiple office formats with free 3rd party software Read only: text files, PDF, HTML, Multiple office formats
Printer support Suleras:Yes[328]Suleras:No2No built-in function,[329] but have apps use Google Cloud Pint available for 2.0+[330]Suleras:Yes[331]?Suleras:No2 No,[332] but 3rd party software available?????
Audio Playback AAC (8 to 320 kbit/s), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 kbit/s), MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAVAAC LC/LTP 3GPP, HE-AACv1 (AAC+) (before Android2.1),[333] HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+)(before Android2.1),[333] AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MP3 (Mono/Stereo 8-320 kbit/s constant or variable bit-rate), MIDI (Type 0 and 1, DLS versions 1 and 2), Ogg Vorbis, PCM/WAVE (8- and 16-bit linear PCM, rates up to limit of hardware), WAVE[334]MP3, AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WAV, WMA pro, AMR-NB, MIDIMP3, WAVE, WMA, AAC+, MIDI, AMR, eAAC+, FLAC, OGG All All (some require optional debian packages) MP3, AAC, WMA, M4A, XMF, 3GA, MMF, MIDI, WAV, AMR[335]
Video Playback H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, M-JPEGH.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4 SP, DivX, XviD, VP8[334]MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 H.263, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, MPEG4 @ HD 720p 30fps, DivX, XviD MP4, WMV, H.263, H.264, DivX, WMV, XviD, 3gpH.263, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, MPEG4 @ HD 720p 30fps, MKV, DivX, XviD All (some require optional debian packages) WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, AVI[335]
Wired video out Suleras:Yes[336] or VGA,[337] 576p/480p via component[338] or composite;[339] 1080p on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S in 5+Suleras:OkaySuleras:No??Suleras:NoSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes??
Wireless video/audio streaming to set top boxes/TVs/speakers Suleras:Yes[340]Suleras:No2 No,[341] DLNA available on selected devices??Suleras:No2 No,[342] Play To (DLNA) available on some devices[343]????Suleras:Yes[344]
Media player on-device playlist creation Suleras:Yes[207]Suleras:Yes[345]??Suleras:Yes[346]Suleras:Yes????
Media Player Video Scrubbing Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No?Suleras:Yes[347]?????
Media Player Audio Scrubbing Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No?Suleras:No?????
Media Player Fine Scrubbing Suleras:Yes[348]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[349][350]Suleras:No?Suleras:No?????
Media Player Double Speed Playing Suleras:Okay[351]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[352][353]??Suleras:No?????
Turn-by-turn GPS Suleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:Okay[354] as it only downloads a 10-mile radius[355]) or 3rd party softwareSuleras:No2 Carrier software, 3rd party softwareSuleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:Yes[356] and 3rd party software[357]Suleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes Suleras:Yes
Alternative routes in maps Suleras:Yes[358]Suleras:No[359]??Suleras:No2 3rd party software?????
Multitasking Suleras:Okay[360]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Okay[361][362]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes[258]
Record video with voice while calling[363] Suleras:NoSuleras:Yes (Not available on some devices)??Suleras:Yes?Suleras:No???
Desktop interactive widgets Suleras:NoSuleras:YesSuleras:OkaySuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:NoSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes
Lock screen widgets Suleras:Okay[243] voicemail, camera[364]Suleras:Okay????????
Notification view widgets Suleras:Okay[243] 3rd party software with "jailbreak"[365][366]?Suleras:Yes2 3.0+[367]Suleras:No2 3rd party firmwareSuleras:No (there is no notification view)?Suleras:Yes???
Bluetooth keyboard Suleras:Yes[368]Suleras:Yes;[369] previous versions via 3rd party software[370]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:No[371]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Okay??
USB keyboard Suleras:Yes[311]Suleras:Yes[369]??Suleras:No[372]?Suleras:Yes???
Direct file transfer Suleras:No2 Bluetooth using 3rd party software on jailbroken devices[373]Suleras:Yes,[374] Wi-Fi Direct 4+[86] and selected devices[375][376] and NFC (small data) 4+[86]Suleras:NoSuleras:YesSuleras:No[377]Suleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:YesSuleras:Yes Wi-Fi Direct 2+ and NFC (small data) 2+[378]
Voice over IP Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[379] or 3rd party software (like Skype)Suleras:Yes[380]Suleras:No2 3rd party software (like fring)Suleras:No2[381] Suleras:No2 3rd party software[382]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[383]?Suleras:No[384]
SSHSuleras:Clarify Suleras:Yes[385][386]Suleras:YesSuleras:OkaySuleras:NoSuleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:Yes?Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes?
VPN Suleras:Yes[387]Suleras:Yes[388]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[389]Suleras:Yes[390]Suleras:No[391]Suleras:No Only through BlackBerry Enterprise ServerSuleras:Yes[392]Suleras:No[393]Suleras:No[394]?
OpenVPN Suleras:No[395]Suleras:No2 No, but possible with 3rd party firmware[396]Suleras:Yes[397]Suleras:No2 3rd party software[398]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:Yes[399]Suleras:Yes[400]?
WPA PEAP Suleras:Yes[401]Suleras:Yes[402]Suleras:Yes[403]?Suleras:Yes[404]?????
Show remembered Wi-Fi connections Suleras:No[405]Suleras:Yes????????
Remote Frame Buffer ?Suleras:Yes[406]Suleras:Okay[407]????Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes?
Screenshot Suleras:Yes[207][408]Suleras:Yes[409]Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[410]Suleras:No2No,[411] but possible through homebrew or SDK.[412][413]Suleras:No2 3rd party softwareSuleras:Yes[414]Suleras:Yes?Suleras:Yes
Screencast Suleras:No, external hardware required[415]Suleras:No2 No, root required and 3rd party app[416]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:No[417]Suleras:NoSuleras:NoSuleras:No
GPU Accelerated GUI Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes[418]Suleras:OkaySuleras:NoSuleras:Yes[419]Suleras:Yes, OS 7.0+Suleras:YesSuleras:Yes??
Official SDK platform(s) Mac OS X using iOS SDKLinux, Mac OS X and Windows[420]Linux, Mac OS X and Windows[421]Windows[422]Windows[423]Windows, Mac OS X[424]Windows using Symbian SDK[425] or Linux, Mac OS X and Windows using Nokia Qt SDK[426]GNU/Linux[427]GNU/Linux and Windows[428]Windows[429]
Extra cost to develop Free ($99/year to distribute on App Store[430])Free ($25 once to offer it on the Android Market[431])Free[432]FreeFree ($99/year to offer it on the Windows Phone Marketplace[433])Free SDK, Free Signing Keys, Free Publishing in App WorldFree (1€ once to offer it in the Ovi Store[434]FreeFree?
Feature iOS Android webOS Windows Mobile Windows Phone 7 BlackBerry OS Symbian Maemo MeeGo bada

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