Ferdinand Oreas TRIVIA ON THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM...By strict technical definition of the term, the Philippine National ANTHEM is actually NOT an anthem. Of the 193 Member States of the United Nations whose National Anthems of the Anglican genre, it is only the Republic of the Philippines which anthem on a MARCH beat. Historically, our National Anthem was originally composed as a MARCHING TUNE for the KATIPUNEROS going to war and not (originally intended) to be our National Theme. Sa simula'y isa lamang itong AREGLOng PANGMARTSA at noon lamang ganap na magwakas na ang digmaan ng lubusan itong kilalaning Pambansang Awit at tuluyang lapatan na ito ng titik ng kompositor at manunula na si Julian Filipe and on February 12, 1998, Republic Act 8491 otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines was enacted by the First Republic recognizing officially the song LUPANG HINIRANG as the Philippine National Anthem which, by technical musical standards is actually a MARCH and not an ANTHEM. This is exactly the reason contemplated by then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos when he impliedly suggested the changing of the National Anthem as he even codified the suggestion in the 1973 Philippine Constitution under Sec 2. of Art. XV (General Provisions) stating that: " 2. The Interim National Assembly may by law adopt a new name for the country, a national anthem, and a national seal, which shall all be truly reflective and symbolic of ideas, history, and traditions of the people. Thereafter the national name, anthem, and seal so adopted shall not be subject to change except by constitutional amendment. " Acknowledging the need for an updated and CORRECTED ANTHEM, then strongman APO leave it for the Interim Batasang Pambansa to enact his suggestion. The social campaign program for BAGONG LIPUNAN was in full swing at the time and it would be a public relations nightmare to be changing anything in the Status Quo that is why not even APO was able to make to do so. Except of course only in the suggestion he made in the 1973 Constitution which is actually one of the very few constitutional provisions not adopted in the 1987 Constitution. Nonetheless, I am one with the academic community advocating the need to restructure the musical arrangement of the Philippine National Anthem. I hold however the stand that it is only the arrangement that need be changed. And here is where I draw the line with the advocating graoups of Jim Paredes and Willie Nep who feels the last line of the Anthem "ANG MAMATAY NG DAHIL SA IYO" has no place in the lyrics of a National Music Theme. I take a different stand. The lyrical poetry on the letters of the song is not alone full of literary merits but the very spirit of the nationalism is perfectly encapsulated by its letters plotted in a very rare form of metered poetry on hexa-penta-deca meter lines which at (first may be mistaken a free-verse.) Nonetheless, the call to have the National Anthem changed should again be revived in public opion leadership. And there could be no better timing than now as campaign may reinforce advocacies for stimulating nationalism in connection of course with the growing tension between our country and China.


Angmayakda 07:38, Mayo 13, 2012 (UTC)

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